We are passionate about security and take pride in our work

Seralys is a company providing advisory and consulting services in the domain of information security and related areas of Risk Management. Our core service offering includes Security Assessment and Penetration testing as well as Enterprise Security and Risk Management. Seralys is composed of an international team of highly talented individuals, who are not only passionate about information security and able to deliver outstanding results, but are also considered to be global experts, each in their field of specialization.

Assessment Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking) simulates network-based attacks to test network security defenses, configuration hardening and policies. Our penetration testing methodology uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to emulate what a real cyber-attacker would do to circumvent security controls and attempt to gain unauthorized access to systems. The Seralys penetration testing service helps determine how well your organisation's assets are protected and provides the steps to further improve your security.

Web and Mobile Application

Web applications usually represent an organisation's connection to its customers, partners and suppliers. In many cases, web applications are considered the most valuable and critical assets within organizations as they drive sales activity and communication with customers. As such, web applications represent one of the most attractive targets and are responsible for the majority of security breaches. Seralys uses an approach combining web application security assessment techniques with assessment techniques specific to mobile computing environments to help you ensure that your web and mobile applications are properly secured. Our methodology is based on industry standards, such as those defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Networks, Wireless & Telephony

The convergence of voice, data, and video, as well as the increased need for mobility has brought significant changes into an organisation’s communication infrastructure. These changes come with a range of threats to the confidentiality, availability and integrity. Through configuration reviews and technical testing, Seralys helps ensure that your communication infrastructure is secure and meet regulatory requirements.

Software (Code) Audit

Intentional or unintentional flaws and mistakes in the architecture, design, and development of an application cause the vast majority of application security weaknesses. Some of these flaws are often impossible to unveil without obtaining comprehensive knowledge of application architecture, design, and source code. Seralys can conduct security audit on programming source code of multi-tier and multi-component applications written in common programming languages such as ASP, .NET, C/C++, JSP, Java, PHP, Perl, SQL, etc.

Forensic analysis

When an incident occurs, a forensic investigation is often required based upon legal, financial or regulatory requirements. The purpose of forensics analysis is to determine actions, motives, vectors, effects and evidence for misuse, theft, or fraudulent activities. Seralys uses controlled and documented analytical and investigative techniques to identify, collect, examine and preserve digital information.

Malware research

When an environment has been effected by malicious code (malware) of an unknown type, the code and behavior of the malware may need to be analyzed in order to better understand its infection vector, behavior and impact to the organization systems and data. Using advanced computer forensic and behavioral analysis tools and techniques, Seralys thoroughly dissects malware from a security incident to determine its functionality, purpose, composition and source